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Denise Petree, Life Coach

Hello, I am Denise Petree a Certified Personal Coach who specializes in Wellbeing and Transition Coaching. I coach adults and teens who are experiencing burnout, anxiety and overwhelm due to packed schedules and transitions in life. With so much conflicting information on the internet about diets, exercise, nutrition and self-care, that it leads to more overwhelm and confusion. I take a holistic approach to coaching so that my clients can reconnect with their own wisdom and intuition so they can wholeheartedly be themselves by authentically owning and expressing their truth and create a life of joy. I am passionate about motivating people to live a healthy, balanced, and purposeful life.

How you benefit from coaching
As your coach I will mentor and partner with you to create a vision for the life you desire to live, set realistic goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. I will hold you accountable to complete your action plan, so you can create the life you envision and were meant to live. I will help you reduce feelings of burnout, anxiety and self-doubt with tried and true life tips that will lead you from where you are today to making meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes. Essentially, you will master those situations that have been keeping you from living up to your potential and passion

Here are examples of topics I have helped individuals achieve success

  • Obtaining work-life balance
  • Navigating divorce
  • Intuitive Eating, stop dieting for good
  • Positive body image starting right where you are
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Developing as a professional in an executive position
  • Improving communication in your personal and professional life
  • Engage in more powerful relationships
  • Manage life transitions
  • Identify and mitigate self-limiting beliefs
  • Recognize your core values and potential
  • And wherever you are in your life today, I can help you connect mind body and spirit!

Education Background
I am not a therapist. Coaches do not diagnose, treat, or make recommendations on treatment. I believe that coaching is a powerful tool to help you quickly find resolutions to support you in making the changes you want to make in your life starting from where you are.
I have a BA from Oakland University in Communications, MBA from University of Phoenix and I am certified from IPEC. I formerly worked in Corporate America as a Global Project Manager. I absolutely loved working with teams of people and working towards solutions and out of the box solutions.

I also offer Skype sessions for clients that do not live close by or find it more convenient to meet online.