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Shawyn Moldowan, MA LLPC

My name is Shawyn Moldowan and I have a Masters of Art in counseling with a specialization in mental health therapy with preparing, administering and interpretation of psychometric assessments. I have many hours counseling those with brain injuries and self-harming behaviors.

I offer trauma therapy for those struggling with distress tolerance, emotion regulation, sorting out difficult emotions and assisting with the development of healthy coping strategies so those can find healing and strength within themselves. Through strength-based approaches along with naturally healing through nutrition, vibrations and music, visualization, meditation and art therapy techniques, with a faith-based model, together with traditional techniques like CBT, I believe the mind and body work together to form holistic healing from the inside out.

Finding the right fit with a therapist and developing a relationship with a safe space with empathetic listening is key to forming a healthy therapeutic relationship. Each individual is unique to their own healing and as a therapist, I will design therapy to fit the needs of each individual with the goals of natural living and the best outcome for the counseling experience.