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When To Seek Depression Counseling

Depression counseling means you're not fighting it alone! Schedule an appointment with a therapist today.
When to seek counseling for depression in Lake Orion MI

Seeking counseling for depression means you’re not fighting depression alone!

Depression affects over 350 million people in the world today, and seeking out a therapist for depression counseling is a common occurrence.  You need to know you’re not alone!  Depression can be treated, and we recommend that you seek out the help of your doctor and a qualified therapist in Lake Orion, MI.

Signs You’d Benefit From Depression Counseling 

If you have been diagnosed with depression, suspect that you may have depressive-like symptoms, or have been feeling down lately— you are not alone.  Symptoms of depression include feeling anxious, guilty, or hopeless on a regular basis. Additional symptoms include:

  • a noticeable change in mood
  • impairments in areas such as work and school (low motivation and poor concentration may be problems) and a lack of desire to socialize with friends
  • feeling sad or empty
  • significant change in appetite and/or weight
  • change in sleep patterns
  • feelings of guilt and/or worthlessness
  • suicidal thoughts


Benefits of Counseling for Depression

Individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression can benefits from the effects of counseling.

  • Counseling offers practical help for those who are suffering from depression.
  • Counseling techniques can help teach and give you the skills needed to overcome depressive thinking, as well as looking into its causes and reason for onset.
  • Counseling provides an opportunity for those affected to talk about their feelings openly and in a safe environment to help them find their way out.
  • Counselors can be affected in encouraging their patients to open up, and develop social skills so that they can apply in friendships and to fulfill affection, intimacy, pleasure, etc., can be fulfilled.
  • Counseling techniques can teach you how to relax and respond effectively if feelings of depression surface.
  • Counseling techniques will provide a safe and supportive environment using various strategies and therapies.

If you suspect that you or a loved one are suffering from depression and you’re interesting in seeking counseling, we urge you to contact us at (248) 595-9969 to schedule a session.


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