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Anger Management

anger management counseling and classes lake orion and clarkston mi

Don’t let anger control you- our anger management counseling will help you gain control of your anger.

Anger management can be a struggle for many of us, particularly in relationships with co-workers, classmates, and family members. Some of this may be related to learned behaviors, feeling overwhelmed, and limited coping skills. Among the approaches we use here at Lake Orion Counseling Center are CBT and EMDR to help clients recognize the thoughts and urges related to the losses of temper/control, and to develop strategies to improve coping.

Managing anger is not simply learning not to punch holes in walls, but to find healthier outlets for that anger. Anger, in itself, is not a bad thing. It is an emotion like happiness, sadness, and surprise. The expression of the anger is often what leads to the problems we encounter. Healthy expressions can lead to positive outcomes and change, while negative expressions can lead to hurt feelings and damaged property and injury.

What Does Anger Management Counseling Involve?

Any type of personal counseling proceeds effectively when the client admits there is a problem or that others believe he or she has a problem. In this case, anger management counseling will focus on exploring the roots of unresolved anger, discovering triggers of current or unexplained anger, and looking at ways to try and bring anger under reasonable control. Working with a trained and possibly licensed therapist, a client will answer many questions about personal history, current conditions, and future expectations. He may even take one or more psychology tests that could provide insight to the patient’s mindset.

If anger management counseling warrants, a client may be referred to a doctor for a medical work-up that could check the person’s hormonal levels, blood levels, and overall condition to see if health problems play a role. Perhaps the prescription of a mood elevator, an anti-anxiety or bi-polar medication, or another type of medicine will have a positive effect on helping someone manage anger difficulties.

Anger management counseling also may involve the recommendation of self-help techniques that someone can practice at home or on the job. These might include keeping a journal and writing about negative feelings, getting a pet to help reduce irritation and promote a serene home environment, learning to adjust expectations, and being honest about disappointment, hurt, or irritation. Even adopting an exercise routine can help to balance bodily functions and contribute to a greater sense of well being.

Anger Management Classes VS Counseling

Classes aren’t for everyone, and often better results are achieved one on one. Let our therapists work with you to find new strategies to diffusing some of your anger and learning to express your feelings in a healthy way that leads to positive change as opposed to increased frustration and legal/personal problems. Anger management is achievable.

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