Main Office:
3604 Clarkston Rd.
Clarkston, Mi 48348
Ph: 248-595-9969   Fax: 248-814-0361

Health and Safety Orientation

Lake Orion Counseling Center, LLC (LOCC) strives to provide you with the best quality
services. We want to ensure that you get the services that you need in a safe, easy, and
effective manner. Please read the following to familiarize yourself with our premises.

Emergency Exits and Evacuation
The office has two emergency exits that are well marked. In the case of an emergency
evacuation, please follow the staff person to the nearest exit and re-assemble in the
parking lot at the front of the building. If you have family members or acquaintances that
are in the waiting area, DO NOT return there before evacuating the building. The office
personnel are trained to evacuate the waiting room occupants in case of an emergency.
Fire extinguishers and emergency lighting are provided for your safety.

Tornado Alert
In the case of a tornado watch, all building occupants are to re-locate to a safe place
(interior hallway). You are to remain there until the watch has expired. In the event of a
tornado warning, conditions will be monitored by the support staff to address changes.

No weapons are to be brought onto the premises. Police action will be sought if this

Illicit drugs
No illicit drugs are to be brought onto the premises.

LOCC maintains a smoke-free environment within the buildings.

Seclusion or Restraint
LOCC does not use either method to intervene in the case of a violent episode. 9-1-1 will
be utilized in the case of such event.

Medical Emergency
9-1-1 will be utilized in all but minor medical emergencies. First aid kits are located
within the building.