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Family Problems

Family problems are common for most people. I have yet to meet someone who came from a perfect family and upbringing. Having said that, it is not always the problems that were the bigger issue but rather the ways that families tried to resolve their problems that was the issue. In some families, voicing one’s opinion is discouraged, while in other’s the mentality is more that the loudest person wins. If we are fortunate, we have parents who are able to share healthy coping strategies with us—unfortunately, many parents use the strategies they learned from their own parents, even when those strategies did not do them much good when they themselves were growing up.

Oftentimes, solutions lie in our ability to communicate effectively (both speaking and listening) and in establishing healthy boundaries that family members respect. Problems arise when family members have opposing needs and are fighting for the same things (typically parental attention and approval). Learning to identify dysfunctional patters in behavior and communication is often key to correcting some of these problems.