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First Responders

First responders include police officers as well as fire and rescue personnel. Men and women in these jobs experience a high level of stress both on the job and away from it. In each job there are interactions with the public in high pressure settings and split second decisions can make the difference between someone living and someone dying. These interactions can be scrutinized by department administrators leading to additional stress. Long, irregular work hours place a burden on relationships with family and friends.

As a former law enforcement officer, I am aware how difficult it can for individuals in these fields to be able to seek help for these stressors and how meaningful that help can be. Daily stressors can add up to create larger problems when they are not adequately dealt with. Many times people in these positions are expected to (or at least they believe they are expected to) deal with their problems on their own, often leading to feelings of isolation.

Confidentiality is often a concern as well. Here at the Lake Orion Counseling Center, steps are taken to insure your privacy. From the smaller, private waiting areas to the online storage of records, we make your privacy our priority.

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