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Communication difficulties can be the root of many of our problems. When we think back to the times we have been most frustrated it is often because we perceive that another person did not understand us, or for some reason we did not get what we wanted. The resulting frustration can lead to all sorts of negative behaviors. Have you ever had someone get upset at something you said only to find out they completely misunderstood you?

One thing that contributes to these problems is that many people assume that since they talk to people every day they are good communicators. While it might be true that we are not usually misunderstood, it might be true that it often happens. If this is the case, it is important to ask ourselves how much of the problem falls on our shoulders. Whether we developed poor listening habits (i.e. assuming we know a person’s meaning and failing to listen to the rest of the message, thereby missing the most important part), or we do not clearly convey what we mean—assuming the other person is synced with our thoughts and neglecting to check in with them to ensure they understood the message as we intended it to be conveyed.

Learning to communicate effectively is important in many areas of our society, especially as we become more dependent on electronic means of communicating that strip away the cues we use in ordinary conversation (i.e. facial expressions and hand gestures, voice tone and the words we emphasize, etc.). Let us know how we can help.