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Relaxation Strategies

Relaxation Strategies are sometimes thought of as strange and overall not very helpful. In reality, the strategies you learn to use when you are upset can have a tremendous impact on the direction many of these encounters can head. Typically, if we respond to something we are upset about, our next behavior or choice of words will not be very good. A better alternative would probably be to walk away and try to resume things when all parties have calmed down a bit. However, if we are able to find a way to calm ourselves down in the moment we might have those discussions we have been avoiding because we do not want all the fighting that goes along with them and the resulting stress and lingering negative feelings.

Finding ways to help keep ourselves in a rational state of mind is a key to being able to deal with difficult people and situations and allows us to make better decisions.  Otherwise we run the risk of regrets and needless damage done to our relationships, and poor performance on tasks we might otherwise have succeeded at.