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What Makes Our Counseling Center Unique?

Here at the Lake Orion Counseling Center we are focused on helping our community. We care about helping our clients achieve their goals and use a variety of approaches including cognitive behavioral techniques to teach them new ways to approach and solve problems, and opportunities to uncover past experiences that shape current thinking and behaviors. We feel it is our duty to contribute toward positive social change by helping our fellow community members work through the issues that prevent them from psychological health and happiness.


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Our center is open daily M-F with evening appointments also available for patient care.
Clarkston Therapists Providing PTSD Counseling

How Psychologists Help Manage Anger

  Anger is a normal, healthy emotion, and can be an adaptive response to threats in our environment. But, when

Clarkston Therapists Providing PTSD Counseling

In light of the recent Las Vegas mass shooting, many people have PTSD on their mind.  After a major tragedy like

Clarkston Depression Treatment for Seniors

Depression is increasingly an issue that seniors face in Clarkston and surrounding areas.  There are many reasons

National Depression Screening Day in Clarkston MI

Oct. 5 is known throughout the country as National Depression Screening Day, and it’s a great time to shed