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Dr. Adam Pasciak



Dr. Adam Pasciak is a retired police officer and author of the book:  After the Smoke Clears: Surviving the Police Shooting–An Analysis of Post Officer-Involved Shooting Trauma, Second Edition. He has been in practice since 2009.

For many of us, problems with concentration, low energy or motivation, and conflict with those close to us can make each day a challenge, resulting in unhealthy coping methods such as substance use, isolation, avoidance, and verbal/physical outbursts designed to push others away. Oftentimes, anxiety and depression are the cause for these difficulties, and the resulting behaviors have been developed in response to negative situations.

I help clients using elements from a cognitive behavioral approach to treat issues such as anxiety and panic attacks, bi-polar disorder, communication difficulties, depression, guilt, bereavement and grief, low self-esteem, dealing with trauma (including childhood experiences), anger issues, addiction, pain management, family/behavior problems, and some GLB issues. I rely on a solution-focused, collaborative approach to problem solving where we explore the thoughts involved with the resulting behaviors and healthier ways to get the things we want.

I have been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is an acknowledged treatment for trauma. This training also influences much of what I do in session. I have found that our earlier experiences and learning greatly affect the way we later experience the world and view our selves. The EMDR allows us to change the way we view those experiences and is often the key to moving forward and achieving happiness with our selves and others.

I have been affiliated with the first responder community for more than 25 years and I am a member of the Oakland County Critical Response Organization (OCCRO) team, which is a volunteer organization that provides debriefing to individuals following exposure to traumatic incidents. My specific area of interest is working with members of law enforcement (including officers & dispatchers), fire & rescue personnel, and nurses & medical personnel.

While my research has been largely in the area of attachment, law enforcement, trauma, and men’s issues, I have experience in a wide range of clinical settings that allows me to effectively work with a variety of clients, including men, women, children and adolescents.

I do allow a sliding scale for individuals who do not have insurance. Send e-mails to me at