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Jordan Meier, LLPC

Jordan Meier, MA, LLPC has over 10 years of clinical experience working with adolescents, adults, couples and families, to help them navigate their unique path towards promoting growth and healing, in a safe and spiritual, therapeutic environment. Jordan received a Master of Arts in
Counseling and also a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. Jordan will help her clients understand that counseling is a process and change does not occur overnight, therefore; it is beneficial for a struggling individual or couple, to seek professional help, as soon as the problem presents itself. Jordan is passionate about helping her
clients achieve their goals and utilizes a holistic approach, which focuses on the natural rhythm and flow between the mind, body and soul. Jordan wholeheartedly believes, that the best chance for receiving the desired outcome, is by building a strong client/therapist rapport in the office, allowing themselves to be fully transparent, accountable for their actions and genuinely
committed to the process.

Jordan’s advanced trainings include:
Gottman Level II Certification, which provides each couple with a thorough assessment and specific treatment plan, in order to maximize the progress necessary to repair their broken bonds, enhance intimacy and create shared meaning within their marriage or partnership. While utilizing this evidence based method, the couple will be able to identify, process and manage
their marital issues while problem solving, how to successfully sustain a healthier, more meaningful relationship.

Jordan is a Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, that has extensive experience in handling delicate situations associated with personal trauma, grief and loss. Jordan has assisted in multiple suicide prevention scenarios, by collaborating with emergency professionals, to help guide the distressed individual to safety and removing them from imminent danger by determining the individual’s suicidal intent and plan and ultimately deter them from completion. Jordan may also utilize her experience as a Certified Family Psycho-Education Facilitator to educate and help each family member identify which behaviors and patterns may be preventing
them from achieving a healthy family dynamic. Once the family has a clear understanding of how to work together and solve these problems, they will be able to move forward as the strong family unit, that the members desire.

Jordan will meet the client exactly where they are at, by integrating humanistic and psychodynamic approaches, to help them peel back the layers and discover what obstacles, including themselves, may be getting in the way of maximizing their true identity and maintaining healthy relationships. Although Jordan is qualified to address a variety of challenges, she is most interested in treating relationship issues between motivated individuals, couples and families. As a counselor that has a strong relationship with God, Jordan will provide the client with a biblical option to create a healthy, spiritual framework, while incorporating the principles of the Bible and the genuine benefits of prayer, when necessary